Electronic Controls Analyst/Maintenacne Supervisor - Potlatch

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Electronic Controls Analyst/Maintenacne Supervisor - Potlatch

Post by lizhirt on Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:12 pm

Job Description - Improve the efficiency, uptime, recovery and accuracy of the mill by controlling the process automation. This will be accomplished by maintaining, improving, trouble shooting and gathering information from the Programmable Logix Controlers (PLCs), electro mechanical devices, variable frequency drives (VFDs), servo positioning devices, Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), Serco’s servo drives and instrumentation, optimization software (Perceptron and FinScan), measurement gathering systems (SiCam), moisture collection systems (MC Pro and Signature Controls Systems) and sawmill and planermill sorter programs (Comact).

Company Name and Location – Potlatch in Bemidji, MN

Source of Information – Indeed http://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=System+or+Business+Analyst&l=Bemidji%2C+MN

Responsibilities –
1. Modify Control Systems & Software:
- Improve productivity of production equipment.
- Write/modify PLC programs.
- Make rule changes for mix modification in all optimization programs.
- Make PLC and VFD program modifications to improve efficiency. 
- Upgrade software as needed (experience with PLC5, 500, 5000 and Toshiba, Allen 
Bradley, ABB drives).
- Manage hardware and software needs.

2. Project/Research & Design:
- Act as project manager/engineer for automation system capital projects. Design 
Modifications to mill equipment as needed using AutoCAD drafting.
- Responsible for design, installation and maintenance of all PLC, optimization and 
automation systems. Upgrade equipment as needed.
- Develop Gant charts for major projects.

3. Leadership:
- Provide an atmosphere that leads to continual improvement in safety, quality, and 
- Plan effective use of available resources using the TPM work process and assist in 
the development of process, design and operational improvements to meet 
objectives of the mill.
- Assist with the implementation of developmental processes (e.g. mentoring, 
coaching, counseling, taking corrective action, etc.) to continuously improve 
the team's performance.
- Assign tasks/work orders and follow-up with crew when necessary to ensure that 
work is completed on schedule.
- Maintain good working relationships with other departments in the mill.

4. Assist Mill Personnel & Training:

- Assist with budgets for maintenance department.
- Gather, correlate and analyze data and write reports from JD Edwards, SiCam, Mill-
Wide Web (MWW) and other mill systems to help mill personnel make 
educated decisions.
- Train mill personnel as needed on trouble shooting of new technology equipment.
- Assist electrical department during critical breakdowns, maintenance days, etc.
- Assist in implementation of Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) at all machine 
centers to improve machine efficiency.
- Promote safety - Arc flash training, one-line diagrams, support behavioral safety 
program on site.

5. Maintain Scanning & Optimization Hardware & Software
- Maintain and calibrate Perceptron 3D-Lasers.
- Maintain, fine tune and calibrate the FinScan system, modify the scanning software.
- Test and verify the moisture sensing systems.
- Calibrate the SPC (SiCam) lasers.
- Fine tune Dynamic Vision Tools (DVT) bar code readers.
- Learn, improve, program and trouble shoot control systems to improve uptime and 
efficiency of mill processes. Interact with maintenance and production employees to 
solve problems.

Required Skills and Education – Associated Degree in Industrial Electronics and/or Automation. Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering preferred. Must have advanced skills in programming Allen Bradley and Schneider Electric PLC's and VFD's and upgrading hardware and software. Must have intermediate skills in Excel, Structured Query Language (SQL), Word, AutoCAD, and Microsoft Project. Be able to understand and set priorities and handle multiple tasks. Demonstrated effective interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal. Demonstrated proficiency with solving problems related to people, process and equipment. Also have the ability to clearly present information in an understandable format to many levels of expertise to visualize a uniform goal.

Experience – 1-3 years of previous experience required (industrial electronics/automation); supervision or leadership experience a plus.

Any required or preferred certifications – N/A


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