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Business Systems Analyst (ERP) - Fiskars  Empty Business Systems Analyst (ERP) - Fiskars

Post by schm1hea on Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:50 pm

1. This is a position as a Business Systems Analyst for Fiskars. Friskars is a global manufacturer of brand consumer products. The jobs is best suited for someone who is team oriented and energetic. They would be expected to analyze, define, and design new and existing business opportunities to provide effective business solutions. Additional areas of the job would involve installing, testing and maintaining hardware and software.

2. Again, the company name is Fiskars Brands, Inc located in Madison, Wisconsin.

3. This job posting was found on ( )

4. Important responsibilities involved in this job include managing business projects (project lead), defining solutions and processes to support the company's growth,  applying system functionality, assisting end-users, suggesting/assisting in business improvements, and developing proper IT documentation.

5. This position requires a bachelors degree in information technology, Business administration, or an equivalent. Important skills to have include application and database analysis/design, programming, the ability to manage a project, and the ability to self-motivate.

6. 3 years of IT experience is preferred for this position. Additionally, experience with the JD Edward business system, technical documentation, and a successful past with project management.

7. Other than the experience and skill sets listed above, there was no additional certification requirements for this position.

8. The salary was not listed, but it is highly competitive with excellent benefits.


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